Mammoth Shocksub Technical Specifications top

Pin, Box and Element components are manufactured separately from each other, assembled together and fastened using high quality grade 8.8 bolts, spring washers and secured by lock nuts and finally nyloc nuts.
No metal on metal contact within the element.
Mammoth On-site Shock Subs are designed specifically for the machine’s restrictive parameters like headroom and diameter.

  1. Shock Absorbency
  • The dampening agent inserted into the Shock Sub assembly, fills the element housing completely, creating a product with superior shock absorbency capability.
  • The product offers a 360° vertical and 360° horizontal shock absorbency.
  • The product casted in this assembly has a Shaw hardness of 90.
  1. Product Seal System
  • The Shock Sub has four replaceable inner seals.
  • The complete inner housing is bonded together with product adhesives and shock absorbent material serving as an additional seal.



All designs, specifications and components of equipment described herein are subject to change at manufacturer’s discretion at any time without prior notice.



Shoulder to Shoulder size (Standard) 

Drill Pipe
(For Guidance Only) 

Solid Unit. No
Replaceable Parts


Per customer request 

 4’’ – 5’’




Per customer request

4’’ – 5’’ 




Per customer request 

4½’’ - 7½’’ 




Per customer request 

 6’’ – 7’’




Per customer request 

7’’ – 8’’ 




Per customer request 

7” – 8  




 Per customer request

” – 13