Product Description

The Mammoth Sealed Shock Sub is designed to reduce vibration and shock by absorbing these energies from being transferred to the powerhead during rotational pulldown and pullback operations.

Mammoth Sealed Shock Sub’s is manufactured from superior quality materials and are subjected to specific heat treatment processes to maximize the lifespan of the tooling and increase drilling productivity.

The Mammoth Shock Sub is designed to address

  • Wear and Tear on conventional Shock Sub Systems
  • Multidirectional absorbency limitations
  • Inadequate seal characteristics
  • Need for enhanced safety features

Drill Rig Benefits

  • Reduces drill rig maintenance by dampening torsional and axial shock loads.
  • Increases penetration rates by keeping the bit in a more uniform contact with ore formation.
  • Allows use of higher pull-down force and increased rotary speeds in demanding drilling areas
  • Increases bit life by dampening repeated shock loads normally transmitted to the bit bearings and cutting structure
  • Decreases noise levels by eliminating metal to metal contact between rotary drive and drill pipe
  • Rotary and DTH compatible

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