Product Description

Mammoth Shock Sub picture

The Mammoth On-site Shock Sub, during blasthole drilling, offers a 360° vertical and horizontal shock absorbency, as well as a push-and-pull, combined with left and right rotation absorbency.


The Mammoth On-site Shock Sub is designed to address:

  • Wear and Tear on conventional Shock Sub Systems
  • Multidirectional absorbency limitations
  • Inadequate seal characteristics
  • Need for enhanced safety features


  • Reduces drill rig maintenance by dampening torsional and axial shock loads.
  • Increases penetration rates by keeping the bit in a more uniform contact with ore formation.
  • Allows use of higher pull-down force and increased rotary speeds in demanding drilling areas
  • Increases bit life by dampening repeated shock loads normally transmitted to the bit bearings and cutting structure
  • Decreases noise levels by eliminating metal to metal contact between rotary drive and drill pipe
  • Rotary and DTH compatible